Helping others after cancer treatment feel good again and wake up excited for every new day!

What are we supposed to do once cancer treatments are done and we’re sent home to recover? There is little information on what to do! This is what Reactivate Myself is all about… helping other REACTIVATE themselves to get back to as close to a sense of ‘normalcy’ as possible and taking charge of our body mind and soul in order to feel good again, feel alive again, and have energy!

Cancer doesn’t need to define you! Cancer doesn’t need to slow you down! Cancer doesn’t need to make you feel ashamed or alone. Cancer treatment side effects don’t need to be part of your life! And most importantly, you don’t need to be sad or depressed!

We are here to help you say goodbye to treatment side effects, randomly crying, feeling alone and broken, so that you can wake up excited for the day, get out of bed energized, live your life again, and move past the diagnosis of cancer.