Reactivate Experience

Health Care Provider Testimonials

When I first met Elly, she was pleasant, cheerful and receptive and keen to listen to what I had to say. It was not awkward although it could have been, given her diagnosis of cancer. She was there to learn what I knew to get help to beat it.

I was not an expert in any way in cancer, but was trained to help patients boost their immune system. Some people would call me a naturopath, but I am an MD, trained in integrative medical approach, some of my training from the American Academy of Environmental Medicine. Elly had already had surgery for Stage IV breast cancer, with radiation and chemotherapy. […]

Other than what an oncologist learns with fighting cancer with chemo and other targeted drugs, there is very little most doctors know about how to help a patient with cancer.  I have learned so much by working with Elly, and I am grateful for what I have learned.

I now turn to her as a great resource to help my patients if they or a family member has a cancer diagnosis. I now no longer feel a fear when I hear the word cancer.

Dr. Jennifer Armstrong, MD

Ontario, Canada, Environmental Medicine Specialist

I have worked in the fitness industry for 31 years. This program [Reactivate Myself All-In-One] is unique as it addresses all aspects of the self. It enables people to work at a comfortable pace so they do not feel stressed to perform.

Louise M.

Ontario, Canada, Fitness Instructor

Client Testimonials


I love it! I’ve never seen anything like this before. I’ll be doing this program [Reactivate Myself All-In-One] every day from now on!

Jan B.

Ontario, Canada, Breast Cancer Survivor

Not only has this program [Reactivate Myself All-In-One] helped me regain the range of motion in my arm that was lost because of surgery and bettered my mental capacity that was damaged with chemo, this program helps me ground myself and energize myself during the chaos of cancer treatments. I love that I can do this program in bed, on the couch, or anywhere I want. More importantly, the feeling of being alone is slowly going away and I am happier. I don’t go a day without it!

Carla P.

Ontario, Canada, Breast Cancer Warrior

Reactivate Myself is more than a program, it has become part of my daily routine. I look forward to doing it every day! I enjoy that I have the option of doing the program in the morning or the evening. In just 4 weeks, I’ve improved my physical, emotional, and mental wellbeing. I’m very grateful to have found this program and I continue to do it daily.

Lisa G.

Michigan, USA, Breast Cancer Conqueror

I recommend Reactivate Myself for the special, curated program that is just right for busy cancer patients (with little patience) because the program is so easy to follow and convenient. I found myself looking forward to starting my day with Elly’s video for the day. It truly takes so much time to mine through the Internet to find useful tools and resources to promote wellness before, during, and after cancer treatment; Elly has not only done her homework to identify, vet, and present these resources, but I think she deserves an honorary “PhD” for the amount of knowledge she is willing to share with us all! I have found cancer to be a journey of sharing the information you know with others – sometimes we can’t rely on our medical team for this information and we REALLY need to hear from a person who has walked the walk and fought the fight successfully. For that, I not only recommend Reactive Myself as a program, but highly suggest many follow Elly’s example to see what a Cancer Thriver looks like.

Emilie S.

Wisconsin, USA, Breast Cancer Conqueror

My greatest fear upon cancer diagnosis was not being able to live a “normal” life. Our medical system is built to treat the disease – to cut, burn, and poison it out of our bodies. What it doesn’t do is teach us how to live after the trauma. From diagnosis to treatment, power is taken away from the patient. I was told it was just bad luck that I got cancer and that there was nothing I could do about it… and that just wasn’t acceptable to me. Elly and I bonded through a shared desire to thrive with cancer. She is well-versed in alternative therapies and living proof that there are ways beyond the medical realm to change the course of the disease. Elly’s [All-In-One] program fills a much needed void in cancer care that puts patients back in control of their lives. It’s a program created by and for cancer warriors, at all stages of their journey. My favourite part of the program is Elly herself – her compassion, honesty, and contagious awesomeness (just dance with her and you will see what I mean!). You can live with cancer, or you can thrive with it, and I chose the latter with Elly.

Christine N.

Alberta, Canada, Breast Cancer Thriver

This program [Reactivate Myself All-In-One] is exactly what I was looking for to help me get going and regain my energy, and I am so thankful to have come across and connect with the founder who is such a beautiful soul! I was at a point where I was really struggling to motivate myself, and this gives me more structure, whilst creating a daily routine that actually gets me excited about exercising, and I look forward to it every day! The numbness and neuropathy in my arms, alongside my bone aches have significantly diminished as well. My mood and emotional state are also better, It truly has reactivated me! 🙂

Famida D.

London, UK, Breast Cancer Conqueror

After I was diagnosed with breast cancer a friend told me that he knows “a girl who knows everything” and that talking to her would calm me down. He was right, Elly does know a bunch of things, from her own experience and from years of research.
I found out from her, not only everything about the surgery and what to expect but also about all other therapies which followed. Elly also provided a lot of very useful advice and suggestions which made me feel safer and more hopeful. Many of her advice I still use today even after finishing the conventional therapy. She gave me many new useful pointers in the meantime.
She is an amazing lady, calming, pleasant, full of life, in spite of overwhelming challenges she confronts every single day. Every conversation with her fills you with faith in a healthy future where nothing is impossible!

Slavica C.

Ontario, Canada, Breast Cancer Fighter


[Reactivate Myself All-In-One] is helping with aches and pain!

Sinikiwe M.

Gauteng, South Africa, Cervical Cancer Warrior

Finally a fitness program [Reactivate Myself All-In-One] touching on all facets of body, mind and soul. I have been doing it ever single day for close to two months! I love discovering what will be the dancing tune of the day and Elly’s guided meditations are little jewels of happiness.

Cecile D.

Ontario, Canada, Retiree Looking for Deeper Inner Life Connectivity

I started the Reactivate Myself program during my pregnancy to help me reduce stress and increase my physical activity. I really enjoyed Elly’s meditations and learning the deep breathing techniques, that ended up being especially helpful during childbirth. Even though I was 9 months pregnant, I appreciated being able to complete the program because I was able to adapt the movements to my physical limitations.

Jinny P.

California, USA, HW Manager & New Mom Looking for Selfcare