Have Treatments Left You

Feeling Scared?

Beat Up?



Stop Surviving Start Living!

Feeling broken, weak, fragile, and scared after the traumatic experience of cancer treatment is typical.

It is important to find a routine post-treatment to start your recovery journey for your entire self – body, mind, and soul – to help you feel good and wake up energized!


We have created a program specifically for this

based from our own experience with cancer treatments!


Let us help you rebuild and energize all aspects of yourself!

Let us help you say goodbye to treatment side effects, randomly crying, feeling alone and broken, so that you can wake up excited for the day, get out of bed energized, live your life again, and move past the diagnosis of cancer.

We’ve been there and these techniques changed our lives dramatically!


Our Solution

Stop Surviving Start Living is a 12-week daily guided online video program that aims to rebuild and energize body, mind, and soul all at once from the traumatic experience of cancer treatments. Just working on one or the other isn’t sufficient, we have found that an all-in-one solution on a daily basis is the best way to make real progress.

The program consists of daily stretches and deep breathing, specific strengthening movements, dancing, body flexibility movements, and mind and soul modalities.

The program is dynamic, meaning that it changes every day and has different daily themes, to keep it interesting, motivating, and exciting.

Based on our experience, doing a few minutes every day for the ENTIRE SELF is the best way to SUCCEED.



Are you ready to REACTIVATE?

What People Are Saying

I love it! I’ve never seen anything like this before. I’ll be doing this program every day from now on!

Jan B.

Ontario, Canada, Breast Cancer Survivor

Not only has this program helped me regain the range of motion in my arm that was lost because of surgery and bettered my mental capacity that was damaged with chemo, this program helps me ground myself and energize myself during the chaos of cancer treatments. I love that I can do this program in bed, on the couch, or anywhere I want. More importantly, the feeling of being alone is slowly going away and I am happier. I don’t go a day without it!

Carlie P.

Ontario, Canada, Breast Cancer Warrior

Reactivate Myself is more than a program, it has become part of my daily routine. I look forward to doing it every day! I enjoy that I have the option of doing the program in the morning or the evening. In just 4 weeks, I’ve improved my physical, emotional, and mental wellbeing. I’m very grateful to have found this program and I continue to do it daily.

Lisa G.

Michigan, USA, Breast Cancer Conqueror