Seeing Saturday, Day 21

Today’s Theme: Visualization Meditation

Welcome! Today’s theme consists of seeing beauty in our mind’s eye by doing a visualization meditation to relax the body and to activate the body’s natural recovery and healing state (parasympathetic state). The meditation also includes specific high frequency sounds to help improve the central brain function.

Today’s Agenda:

  • Air Flow – Deep Breathing and Movement to Activate the Lymphatic System
  • Pelvic Flow – Relax and Strengthen the Pelvic Muscle
  • Dance Flow – Dance Your Heart Out to Increase Your Heart Rate and Boost Our Mood
  • Body Flow – Stretching Muscles With Slow Paced Stretch Yoga
  • Inner Flow – Visualization Meditation With High Frequency Sounds

Press the ‘Play’ button below to start the videos.

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We hope you enjoyed today’s video and that you feel REACTIVATED!

See you tomorrow


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